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Thank you to Fannie Fitzgerald Elementary School!
The Kindness Committee at Fannie Fitzgerald accepted donations of hygiene products and gave the items to Trillium to share with their members!
We are grateful to the Kindness Committee, Ms. White, Ms. Mena and everyone at Fannie Fitzgerald Elementary!

Our Executive Director, Cynthia Dudley was recognized by Prince William Living Magazine as one of the 2018 Five Most Influential Women. Read about Cynthia and the award in the March issue, page 5.

Phil Ross will forever be in our hearts and in the work we do in Prince William County. Trillium’s Staff and Board of Directors are eternally grateful to him and will miss him greatly. Click here for the Phil Ross Memorial page.

We have some cool new t-shirts for sale to support mental health recovery in Prince William County!
Click on the image to go to our cool new store

Trillium is selling its own line of
beautiful blank note cards!
Buy Now!

Your order will help people living with serious mental illness, by directly benefiting the artist, creating opportunities for evidenced-based programs, raising awareness of mental illness and helping to decrease stigma.

    Each full color note card:
  • features art created by someone living with mental illness
  • printed on high quality linen paper
  • blank inside
  • includes linen envelopes
  • card & envelope packaged in re-sealable cellophane sleeve

They come as single 5X7 cards for $3 each, plus shipping if applicable, in one of the 10 images below.
Online purchase is available in our

We are looking to create relationships with area businesses to accelerate distribution of our special and quality cards. If you have any suggestions contact Cynthia at
or 703-763-3865.

Waiting for Panda
Blue Moon
Oriental Flower
Splash Dance
Garnet Gems
Lily Vines
Golden Desert
Purple Mountain Majesty
Passionate Light

About Trillium Services:

Trillium Center is a peer-led, private non-profit center for adults, that promotes, encourages and facilitates recovery from serious mental illness. Our facility gives mental and behavioral health support that includes educational, recreational, and supportive activities scheduled for each month.

These groups provide opportunities to encourage personal growth. The Staff of Trillium mentors and coaches people to empower them to live a meaningful life while managing the challenges of their mental illness.

We help to reduce the stigma of mental illness as well as reduce feelings of isolation and alienation in our stress-free stigma-free atmosphere. It is an emotionally and physically safe environment that we take seriously by enforcing a set of rules that focuses on behavior.

People can watch television, play a game of cards or pool, or many other activities and connect with others while minimizing the focus on one's symptoms. Our classes and groups enhance one's personal journey by helping individuals understand their wants and needs. We help our members to see the positive in themselves and in their lives.

Like a caterpillar that morphs into a beautiful butterfly, we at Trillium help people change their lives from the dark moments of illness to being heroes of their own mental health recovery. While here, people can learn to create independence and find a path where they can expand their horizons and have brighter and better days.

We also provide an important service to the community by our participation in such programs as CIT and DIVERT. We promote recovery beyond our physical space and are a cutting edge, unique model for other organizations that give aid to those who suffer from serious mental illness.

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